College Avenue Friends “Quaker Men” is a loosely organized group of men who meet irregularly for Christian fellowship, bonding activities, and service opportunities to help the needy.  Meetings are held at William Penn University (Sheuerman room) are for breakfast in the private dining room on the top floor of the student union building.  These meetings consist of invited persons from our area sharing about their lives, organizations, and ministries.  We share news of what is happening with our statewide Friends men organization as it assists our church camp (Quaker Heights) near Eldora, IA, Mesquakie Indian Settlement ministries near Tama, IA, and Friends Disaster Services as they assist the needy who have been struck by severe weather.  We encourage contributions to the statewide ministries of $15 per person each year, but these are not required.  We also each pay for our breakfasts at William Penn U.  Some of our meetings happen in homes or at activities such as a Yearly fishing trip for a few days in Northeast Iowa or helping to setup neighborhood events in the Friends Park across from the church building.   Everyone is invited to join in the varieties of Christian experiences with Friends Men.  Watch for the announced gatherings in the weekly CAF church bulletins, in emailings, or hear them announced in church services.