College Avenue Friends Church is a wonderful location for a traditional church wedding and has a beautiful and charming historic building able to seat a few hundred people. There is also extra balcony seating available on the sides of the sanctuary which is great for sweeping wedding photos and video shots. There is no center aisle, which some couples might prefer. Many couples choose to have the wedding party enter one aisle and leave the other as a way to accommodate this.

Pastor James does occasionally officiate weddings to non-members of the church from a variety of circumstances, he does however emphasize premarital counseling and recommends it in most cases. Couples willing to go through premarital counseling with pastor James are offered a drastic reduction in the cost of his services for officiating their wedding. He believes strongly in doing everything possible to make sure a marriage is being built on a firm foundation, especially in our day and age when something like 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. Details about the counseling and costs associated with the officiation of a wedding are best discussed in person.  To set up a meeting, contact the church by phone or email. Financial details and expectations for using the building are laid out in our Building Use Policy included below: 

Policy On Use Of Church Building (Members)

1. Any of the CAF church family, church organizations and/or church groups have the first rights to any room and/or rooms in the building. These rights would even supersede an outside organization that meets on a regular basis. For church members and family of church members and regular attendees there will be no charge except for a $50.00 refundable deposit. If facilities are left in the same condition as before the event the deposit will be returned.

2. Any non-profit organization outside the church is welcome to use any of our facilities if there is no conflict in scheduling, with approval of Monthly Meeting and/or Trustees. There will be no charge except for a $50.00 refundable deposit. If facilities are left in the same condition as before the event, the deposit will be returned.

3. Scheduling of the use of the building and facilities by both church family groups and outside groups should be done through the church secretary and/or the pastor. At this point the name, address, and telephone number of the person in charge and accountable for the meeting or event should be recorded in the church office and the $50.00 deposit given.

4. If two organizations are using portions of the church at the same time, each is responsible to conduct its usage so as to not interrupt or interfere with the other.

5. Any outside organization wishing to use the church building weekly and/or monthly must be granted this permission by the Monthly Meeting, and this permission should be renewed July

6. Service clubs, sororities, political groups and any profit-making organization fall into a different category and must receive the permission of Monthly Meeting after investigation and evaluation. A fee will be charged as follows: $100.00 worship room, $50.00 Fellowship, $50.00 for air conditioning, $25.00 Library, and $25.00 Kitchen. There will also be a $25.00 fee for a sound system technician and $25.00 fee for elevator operator.

7. Any outside organization using any part of the church building is expected to straighten and clean up following their use, and will be held responsible for any damage. Cleaning supplies and a vacuum cleaner are available for use.

8. The authority to use the church, whether for a single occasion or periodically, can be revoked at any time by Monthly Meeting, and in an emergency by the Clerk of the Meeting or Clerk of the Trustees, subject to Monthly Meeting’s approval.

9. Unless you are directed otherwise, you should lock the church following your use. If you arrive and the church is locked, keys are available from the following: (*these details have been removed from the online version of this document)


Policy On Use Of Church Building (Non-Members)

Use of Church Facilities for Weddings of Non-Members

1. Request approval process:

     A. Request shall be directed to the church office. The Secretary or the Pastor will take
this information and if the calendar is clear, tentatively schedule the event. The
Clerk of Trustees and Pastor are all to be contacted before approval is given. A
$50.00 refundable deposit is require
d (paid upon completion of scheduling form to officially add to calendar) and will be returned if the church is clean
and in the same condition as found.

     B. Church meetings and activities have priority. Decorations will stay up or be put
back as found.

     C. Approved requests may be pre-empted for funerals (or a change in the church’s use

     D. Use of alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco are prohibited.

     E. Groups will complete their event and leave the church before 10 pm. on weekdays
and 7 pm. on Saturdays. (Wedding ceremonies are to begin no later than 3 p.m.
on Saturdays.) This allows time for the wedding party to clean. Vacuum cleaner
and supplies are available. The $50.00 deposit will be mailed to you the next week.

     F. If children are in attendance they must be adequately supervised by a responsible
adult. Rooms are to be left in the same condition as they were at the beginning of your event. The renting party is responsible for all damages done by them, their
members or guests.

     G. Organ/piano policy. Use must be cleared with music chairperson.

     H. Sound system and elevator will be operated by church trained individuals.

2. A $300.00 rental fee will cover utilities, maintenance, custodial reimbursement, sound
system and elevator operator, etc. The couple to be wed will remit full payment to the
church office no later than the day before the wedding.

3. Any exceptions to this policy require the approval of the Clerk of Trustees and the

4. Church members and regular attendees must make the $50.00 deposit to reserve the
date but are exempt of the $300.00 rental fee.

5. The rental fee does not include the pastor honorarium. Premarital Counseling is
required by a trained counselor/pastor. College Avenue’s pastor will need to be contacted to approve and see that this counseling is done.

Download Member Building Use Policy

Download Non-Member Building Use Policy

Download Form for Scheduling a Wedding/Event